The tax chart shows the growth of spending since 1992 and its affect on the average home owner’s tax bill. Please note the trajectory of the increase since 2014, which reflects a 22% increase in the taxes on an average single-family home.

Of particular concern is that while the overall increase has been 22%, the municipal portion increased by 15% while school taxes increased by 28%.

Beyond the mathematical disparity, the school’s 28% increase in taxes since 2014 has occurred during a period of declining student enrollments, while the Town needs to deal with expensive, aging infrastructure issues. For example, the paving of roads, Waste Water Treatment plant upgrades, flooding down at the beach, trash and recycling cost increases and so on.

The Hampton Schools have a proposed teachers contract on the ballot, which if approved, will increase spending by $4.6 million over its four years. This increase is a huge jump compared to the last contract, expiring this June, which added $2.5 million over four years.

The reality is that if voter apathy continues as it has in the past, your taxes will increase in an uncontrolled manner. It is strictly up to the voters whether special interest groups will continue to prevail.

Voter Apathy to Drive Uncontrolled Tax Increases

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