At the Board of Selectmen’s meeting December 7th, Town Manager Fred Welch stated during public comment stated “that it’s not a pleasant thing to come to work each day and be told you are a cheat and a liar, and that’s exactly what’s been going on.”

We at Rational Taxpayers of Hampton feel strongly that calling people a “cheat and a liar” every day, as Welch said he is called, is simply not helpful and inappropriate. Whether it’s the same person calling Welch a “cheat and a liar” every day, or different people calling Welch a “cheat and a liar”, or perhaps a tag team matchup of some kind, Welch did not reveal, however it serves no useful purpose to the Town and we would admonish the person or persons making such statements. If the perpetrators of this have a case to make, use facts and not name calling and make yourself known.

Town Manager Welch Rightfully Unpleasant at Being Called a “Cheat and a Liar”

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