Rational Taxpayers of Hampton will support Warrant Article 7 calling for a bond issue for $11,780,000 for necessary upgrades to the Waste Water Treatment Plant. During the public hearings for this project and at Public Comments, Rational Taxpayer members and its supporters spoke up to challenge the original amount of the bond issue which resulted in a $2 million reduction.

Areas that we remain concerned about include:

  • instituting industrial user fees rather than just the real estate valuation base
  • the efficacy of implementing the recommendations of the Wright Pierce report
  • the need to scale the project by establishing priorities and a working plan;
  • the general overall lack of upkeep of the plant that includes facilities as well as equipment
  • the impact that Smuttynose Brewery or its potential new owner will have on reducing the discharge of effluents to the Waste Water Treatment Plant’s pollutant capacity
  • The Board of Selectmen’s commitment to negotiate a new agreement with the new ownership of Smuttynose about pre-treatment of the effluent.

While Rational Taxpayers recognizes that the plant needs to be refurbished but there also is a need to be put a plan into place. Wright Pierce only made recommendations not a plan and it is up to the DPW management, the Town Manager and the Board of Selectmen to see that a plan is properly formulated and then executed in a timely manner and is transparent to the Taxpayers with frequent meetings and updates.

Rational Taxpayers stands ready to assist the Town in helping to ensure that Hampton gets the best bang for the buck and we plan on watching/monitoring this most important project carefully.

Support Warrant Article 7 – Waste Water Treatment Upgrades

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