On Tuesday 4/07/2015 the Selectman had a discussion on goals for 2015/16. No public comment was solicited. Apparently the message from the voters regarding spending was totally off limits because the tenor of the presentation was how much can we spend.

  • Mary Louise recommended a goal to increase the head counts in the major departments. We don’t think the population of Hampton has changed but we appear to be significantly understaffed.
  • Phil Bean focused on the infrastructure and feels that between the undesignated fund balance (approx. $4 million) and the $18 million we have in the trust fund we should be spent (either by withdrawal or borrowing in the case of the trust fund), although this idea was rejected last year!
  • Jim Waddell sees a need to pay more ($) for the people we have since the public is not sensitive as to their value and what they accomplish. He wants them to present and show themselves over the course of the current year in somewhat of a marketing effort when they are called upon to appear as part of normal business activity.
  • Rusty Bridle wants to push economic development for the town (do more to attract business).This is a noble truism but is it a measurable goal?
  • Rick Griffin was pushing infrastructure (like Mr. Bean) and also felt that more needs to be done to convince the public of proposed budgets (sell it ).

That essentially was it. All the department heads were there and there were no new issues brought up and of course they all agreed they need more people and more money..

Time to calibrate them all on what goals should look like for 2016!! They don’t get it!

It appeared to be a campfire sing-along and a rehashing of old and well-worn issues.

Next week, REAL GOALS will be recommended to the Selectmen by the RTOH and they will be quantifiable, measurable and have substance. They will include revenue sources and spending priorities.

Selectmen Goals

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