By: Grand Dragon

Why isn’t Hampton talking to anybody? We need to take the walls down from our “fiefdom” and open up our scope of thinking ! Capital purchases for Pumper and Latter trucks should have their respective costs shared as was mentioned at the deliberative session. Hampton Falls ,North Hampton ,Hampton and Rye have a total of approx. 30,000 residents, Do we need 4 Fire chiefs? Do we need all the organizational structure that accompanies such departments such as Lieutenants and Captains and their costly retirements we read so much about? Do we all have to buy these expensive trucks that have been mentioned? Wake up , It’s called management !! This is an action item for the Selectman as leadership is needed on this initiative for the sake of us all . ‘Hampton is our home’ at present and we would like to keep it!

Rye Talks Fire Regionalization with Portsmouth

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