Rational Taxpayers of Hampton is not a political party. Our membership consists of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. We concentrate our efforts and opinions on issues that affect the Taxpayers of Hampton, which include residents and non-resident property owners. For whatever reason the Democratic Party of Hampton has opted to support only Democratic candidates, which makes no sense since the issues and opportunities Hampton faces should not be related to political party affiliation.

We support issues that remain sensitive to the financial well being of the Taxpayers of Hampton and we support candidates for office who have consistently demonstrated a sensitivity to the interests of the Taxpayers. Many Selectmen have professed their concern for the Taxpayers but their actions have fallen short of the mark. This year there is an opportunity for change and we urge the Taxpayers to support the following qualified candidates. This is not a complete list of candidates but only those where the control of resources is most important.

Board of Selectmen:
We strongly support Mary Louise Woolsey and Sharleene Page Hurst

Mary Louse has represented the interests of the citizens of Hampton for a number of years and has always spoken her mind and has been supportive of Town employees yet has always watched how spending is managed. Her knowledge and skills are unparalleled and she does her homework. It is important to keep her in office. She has experience both as a Budget Committee Chair and Vice Chair and Selectperson.

Sharleene Page Hurst is a new candidate for the Board Of Selectmen having served Hampton in a number of areas of community service. She has been former Chair and Vice Chair of the Municipal Budget Committee, member of the School Board, Planning Board, Hampton Charter Commission and a former NH State Representative. She brings years of experience and would be a fresh voice for the Selectmen.

Municipal Budget Committee:
We support Brian Warbuton and Mike Plouffe

The Municipal Budget Committee reviews and analyzes the budget submissions from the Town, and School Systems. The effort takes something on the order of 500 hours and the Budget Committee has always looked out for the interests of the Taxpayers. Brian and Mike have always demonstrated a caring and knowledgeable control of the details and have done their very best to inform the public of the process as the Committee performs its tasks. Both of these Community servants have always been accessible and cooperative and have long distinguished careers as Selectmen and Budget Committee members along with numerous other services to Hampton. The Town of Hampton should be very proud to return these fine citizens to the municipal Budgetary Committee.

School Board:
We strongly support Jerry Znoj and Kathy Terry

Jerry and Kathy have long and distinguished careers of public service and have previously served as school board members. Kathy distinguished herself with the effort to create SAU 90 and Jerry with his support of the addition to the Academy. Jerry has been both a Selectman and school Board member. What separates both are that they are not part of a board that is wedded to the Administration of SAU 90. Rational Taxpayers has had issues with the coziness of the school board with the administration over the past few years due to its composition of former teachers, administrators or spouses of same. There is no independence and as a result the school system costs have risen on a continuous basis while the student enrollment has continued to decline. There is no accountability between the board and administration and frankly it is a rubber stamp. Jerry is very detail oriented and will assure budgetary accountability to justify costs. If there ever was a need for change it is now.

Norman Silberdick Spokesman Rational Taxpayers of Hampton

RTOH Supporting Candidates 2021

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