At the Budget Committee meeting on 12/19/2017 we received three proposed tentative union contract agreements. We were required to recommended or not recommend that the voters approve these proposals.

All three were presented by management to be increases well above inflation. No case was made that the employees were underpaid, so I saw no reason to agree to increases above the inflation rate.

The Teamsters contract had an additional complication regarding the definition of full-time. It was reported at a previous meeting by the Town Clerk that their contract defined full-time as 35 hours per week. On 12/19 management was not able to confirm or denied the existence of such language.

Requesting a delay in the vote until this could be cleared up and further analysis completed was denied. So, I voted not to recommend.

Subsequent research has revealed that the Town Clerk’s report of contractual definition of 35 hours as fulltime is language not to be found in the contract.

Further, detailed analysis provided to me by Rational Taxpayers revealed the actual increase, when the 2 years without a contract are factored in, shows not the reported 2.7% increase but rather a 1.6% increase.

With this new understanding, I now fully support the teamsters contract and recommend the voters approve Article 10.

Jones Flips Over Teamsters Union Contract

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