Jerry Znoj

  • Name:
    • Jerry Znoj
  • Age:
    • Just a number as Education, Experience and innovativeness makes the Candidate.
  • Address:
    • 16 Presidential Circle Hampton N.H. (41 years).
  • Occupation: 
    • Retired Quality Control /Product Assurance Engineer, Supervisor, Manager& Director Level regarding High Tech Aerospace and Military and Commercial Electronics. Worked on Projects that dealt with the Apollo lunar landing module, Large Computers Systems, Electronic Counter Measures, Air-craft instruments & Missile Systems (47 Years in total). 2 years teaching High school level Physics and Science.
  • Education:
    • Engineering Technician- University of Hartford Conn.
    • Bachelor of Science Engineering and Management Lowell Technological institute (University of Ma.-Lowell).  
    • MBA Northeastern University.
  • Public Service:
    • Served 3 years as a Hampton Selectman, 3 years SAU90 School Bd., 5 years Hampton Budget committee. Currently on   the Town recycling committee.
  • Favorite Thing about the Hampton Schools:
    • They are all- accommodating! They Continuously demonstrate 100% support to all students and their needs.
  • Why Running?
    • With a new school administration on board and Covid 19 and its variants still with us, I felt the need to help. Given my education and experience I felt that I was the best candidate to offer up my services at this time and one that would also bring to the table an “independent and objective viewpoint.”
  • Top 3 Issues:
    • Restore full time schooling for all grades as soon as possible! 
      • Identify the impediments and or risks of why there may still be hesitation to restore full time schooling and expeditiously work to resolve them and communicate to the public every step of the way.
    • The continuance of adequate funding for public education.
      • We must make our voices heard in Concord and with our representatives that funding for home learning and private schools that takes away from Public school funding will erode the public school model and eventually lead to reduced services and a mediocre education throughout the total public school system in NH as schools react to any funding cuts. 
    • The transparency of the SAU90 school system costs to the tax payer with respect to the costs to educate each student and why they rise as the school population declines.
      • We must introduce the philosophy of Continual improvement in costs and operational procedures.  We must continuously assure that the school is providing the best value for the annual tax dollars requested. We must have goals and objectives that have metrics associated with them and report them on a frequent basis. Fixed costs have to be identified and understood by all as to why they are fixed and variable costs have to be challenged to assure they meet the expectations and the changing events of the times. 
Jerry Znoj Candidate Profile SAU90: Hampton School Board

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