The Town of Hampton lost two wonderful citizens in Sandy Buck and Arthur Moody. I had known Sandy for many years and had the pleasure of serving with him on the Trustees of the Trust Fund board. He was a fine gentleman and brought sage counsel to the fellow Trustees. His tenure as County Treasurer and the numerous other civic boards he served on all were the result of his love for his community.

Arthur Moody was a constant contributor to the Board of Selectmen’s meetings with his frequent presentations during public comments and his display of his broad knowledge on a variety of subjects, which always shed a unique and different light on an issue. He could always be counted on to speak at the deliberative session and made numerous contributions in that venue.

Arthur also provided advice and counsel to the Rational Taxpayers of Hampton and sat in on many of our meetings when there were issues, which his knowledge and input allowed us to make some informed recommendations on particular warrant articles. Arthur was also a critic of the Trust Funds and we listened to him carefully, which resulted in improvements in our systems and procedures. I will always thank Arthur for the contributions he made to our cause and to the Town of Hampton.

These two dedicated Hampton citizens will be missed.

In Memoriam of Sandy Buck & Arthur Moody

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