As a result of our posting on Facebook and the responses that we received we wanted to present our thoughts on how to react to the current environment that we are faced with. It is not our intent to detail steps to be taken other than at a management level to address this real crisis. This is the responsibility of the BOS but actions need to be taken now.

We view that we are in a period of a true crisis with wide sweeping implications that requires an all hands-on deck approach.

The goal is to understand and predict the magnitude of the problem, which will then dictate meaningful action steps.

  • Step 1 would be to analyze revenue projections with a sensitivity analysis of various reductions in the sources of income. That requires every item of revenue to be reviewed and analyzed.
  • Step 2 would be for the selectmen to immediately implement a plan to reduce and or defer spending until there is a thorough understanding of the levels of revenue generated, which should be known by June. Without getting specific as to what areas the selectmen should assess, we do see it as a review of the departments under their domain and then a determination of the actions that can or could be taken. These may include layoffs deferments of projects and changes to policies and procedures of doing business. This step should be done immediately while data is being gathered using assumptions of 10 to 20% reductions in income.
  • Step 3 would be integration and coordination with the school boards and school administrations, as they consume the majority of the town’s revenues as it is important for them to develop plans in light of reduced revenues and the change in the delivery of education that is currently going on. It cannot be business as usual for them either and they have already been impacted. Finally the Village Beach District commissioners need to do the same level of reviews.
How to React to the Current Environment we are Facing

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