In the November 27th Hampton Union article on DPW Warrant Articles, Selectman Bean is quoted as stating at a November 16th Selectmen’s meeting that “We’ve got guys looking for pay raises that haven’t gotten pay raises in a long time”

Rational Taxpayers of Hampton researched this comment to determine its veracity, and reports that there are roughly 40 DPW employees including three non-union management employees, six supervisory employees represented by the Teamsters union and 31 worker level employees represented by SEIU 1984 (often referred to as the SEA). The non-union people received a raise this past April. All union employees have been under contract and getting “COLAs” and “Step Increases” each year, the Teamsters since April of 2011 and the SEA since April of 2014. The Teamsters CBA ends in March of 2016 while the SEA CBA runs through March of 2017. Thus, most DPW employees contracts are not even up this coming March. The Fire employees are the only town union without a contract and they’ve been without one for less than a year, due to the voters turning down a warrant article in March of 2015. The Fire union 2015 CBA Warrant Article proposed 2% annual increases not including steps when all other employees were getting 1.25%.

Selectman Mr. Bean should know this; he is the Selectmen’s Representative to current CBA negotiations. Selectman Bean, along with two town employees, Assistant Town Manager Jamie Sullivan and Town Attorney Mark Gearreald, make-up the team representing the taxpayers at the bargaining table. We anxiously await the negotiated Tentative Agreements and hope that they balance the demands of the unions with the impact on the taxpayer. As many as five CBA related Warrant Articles will appear on the March 2016 ballot.

Helping Selectmen Bean to a Fuller Understanding

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