A recount of article 20 0f the Hampton Town election of March 14, 2017 was petitioned for and accepted. This was for $434,000 for equipment for the Department of Public Works which lost by one vote, 1527 Yes and 1528 No. The recount was scheduled and held on Thursday March the 30th and resulted in a tie which means the article failed! “It was determined that one ballot which was counted as a blank by the Accuvote machine was deemed that the voter’s intent was a yes vote thereby adding one vote yes to the total tally creating an over tie”*.

*From the Town Clerks Minutes:

The intentions for the recount had been mentioned in Seacoast on line on 3/23/2017) yet the Selectmen’s meeting on 3/27/017 only mentioned it briefly ( Chairman Waddell brought it up ) and completely surprised one of the Selectmen and another (Chairman Waddell) indicated that he just found out on that day of the recount intentions. I quite frankly do not understand this and feel that it should have been in the Town manager’s report but it was not. The Selectmen’s meeting of April the 3rd again only briefly mentioned it in passing with NO details of the results or count ( the recount took place on March the 30th). Again, the Town manager’s report was devoid of the results and it did not come up in old or new business. Where is the transparency?

This article of $434,000 represented a lot of money to the taxpayers (over 3000 people voted on it) yet it barely was recognized in two meetings and no results were ever communicated to the public that I can see! Makes one wonder as to why? This author out of curiosity, pursued it to closure.

Jerry Znoj
Hampton Town Resident

Hampton Recount – Article 20

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