Rational Taxpayers of Hampton is pleased to announce that the Warrant Articles for 2016 Town of Hampton SAU 90 and SAU 21 are available on our website at RationalHampton.com

On Saturday January 30th starting at 8:30am Session I of our Town Meeting, also known as the Deliberative session will take place at Winnacunnet High School. All ballot articles will be discussed, and those voters at the meeting may choose to modify one or more articles. The meeting usually addresses each article in numerical order, with the meeting typically ending between 3 and 5pm.

This is the first time in history that all warrant articles have been collected in one central location, RationalHampton.com, and accessible to everyone prior to the deliberative session.

In addition to all the various articles in each of the ballots, this year we have also provided associated background videos from various public meetings. We will not take a position on any article, until we have completed our research. That research will include the various discussions that take place at the deliberative session. Shortly after the deliberative session, videos will be placed on our web site and our research process will be complete, thus enabling our voting members to make recommendations to Hampton voters in time for the Election on March 8. Our voter guide Yellow Sheet will be distributed to all registered voters prior to the election.

Any stakeholder in Hampton may register on RationalHampton.com and enjoy the privilege of commenting on any article. Your comments will then form part of our research and considerations in our final recommendations.

We urge as many citizens as possible to attend the Deliberative Session. Too often the audience consists of town employees, union members and special interest groups all focused on items that are meaningful to them. Normally if there more than 200 people it is a lot. Don’t let a few decide what happens in your town.

2016 “Ballot” Now Available

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