Our Mission:

To provide the Hampton voters with relevant facts on issues that affect the services they receive in Hampton and the impact the services have on their taxes and quality of life.

Who We Are:

Rational Taxpayers of Hampton is a non-profit organization that relies on contributions for its expenses (mailings, software, website development, and printing expenses).

We are a diverse group of Hampton residents from all walks of life and political persuasions. We are advocates for the Hampton taxpayer. Our objective is to assure that value is being obtained for the tax dollars that we are asked to pay. We closely scrutinize all financial issues associated with the town of Hampton and its schools as they affect taxes and advocate accordingly. We can do this very effectively since we are free of any special interest influences hence remain objective on all issues. We choose to remain anonymous so that special interests cannot focus on character assassinations but are forced to focus on the substance that we report or give recommendations on.

We Need Your Help!

We need your help! Any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated by our volunteers, unpaid staff as well as all people that yearn for a more rational political environment.

If you’d like to contribute, checks should be made out to:
Rational Taxpayers of Hampton
P.O. Box 824
Hampton NH, 03843

Join Us Today!

Rational Taxpayers are looking for a few good men and women to join our cause. The requirements are to be conservative in nature, detail oriented, aware of community activities and passionate about the future of Hampton. For those interested please contact Norm Silberdick either by email at silberdickn@comcast.net or call at (603) 926-7459.